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This is the time that oxen ruminate. Tiger Yin Shi: 3 to 5 a. Tigers hunt prey and display fiercest nature. Rabbit Mao Shi: 5 to 7 a. The Jade Rabbit on the moon is busy pounding medicinal herb with a pestle. Dragon Chen Shi: 7 to 9 a. Snake Si Shi: 9 to 11 a. Snakes start to leave their burrows. Horse Wu Shi: 11 a. Sheep Wei Shi: 1 to 3 p. It is said that if sheep ate grass at this time, they would grow stronger. Monkey Shen Shi: 3 to 5 p. Monkeys become lively. Rooster You Shi: 5 to 7 p. Roosters return to their roost as it is dark. Dog Xu Shi: 7 to 9 p.

Dogs begin to carry out their duty to guard entrances. Pig Hai Shi: 9 to 11 p. All is quiet and pigs are sleeping soundly. Twelve Signs of the Western Astrology. Chinese Gender Predictor. Happy Birthday eCards. Hi, 2 months ago my ex ended our relationship. I am a divorcee and have been single for the last 29 years. The prediction shows that your luck in love relationship would become better in , especially in the middle of the year. Thus don't worry.

Aquarius Horoscope Predictions – Astrology King

You are an excellent person. And you will find your true love. My birth date 14 April 79 I am in India since for dispute with my spouse. Going through divorce case. Don't worry. It is predicted that you will still have several chances to settle back in US. I have problems in my marital life caused by me. Will I get divorce from the Rat? I'm worried. Please tell me what I should do to remedy the situation. Hi, Judy, you are born with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign. According to the Chinese zodiac compatibility, you and Rat people can become a good match. The combination is perfect.

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Optimistic attitude towards life will make you solve troubles together. Good luck! Hi, I am Pig born He has a different age stated I have known him for 4. In June we split up due to age difference misunderstandings, but we got back together again a week later. Then beginning of August he ended it due to what he called 'It's too complicated! When he was homeless his friend offered for him to stay at his flat until he found somewhere of his own.

They never act brashly and are able to complete tasks successfully. Goats also love children, animals and nature. However, their inner stubbornness sometimes makes communication difficult. Because of their mild personality, they are able to make many friends. They are empathetic and always try to forgive others by understanding their point of view.

Most Lucky Zodiac Signs Of 2020

In an argument, they rarely ever speak up because they just want the fight to be over. Men born in the Goat year are true gentlemen. They are family-oriented and have a heartfelt personality.

Chinese Zodiac

No matter where they go, they can be seen interacting with people and making new friends. They listen to people genuinely and are mature. At the right times, they offer advice and tips. But they are often pessimistic. These men try to use enthusiasm to hide their darkness.

Lunar Calendar Chinese New Year Dates from year 1952

They crave for attention and support. Women born in the Goat year are reliable and attentive. Not even the smallest details can escape their eyes. They are very motivated and can be depended on to perform tasks well. These women aim for high standards and live an organized life. However, they can be worrywarts and often feel insecure. Despite their kindness towards others, they are hard on themselves and never feel satisfied. Goat and Horse is the most compatible pair as both help make up for the others shortcomings.

Horses help Goats solve problems and they have similar standards. Goats need someone to depend on, and Rabbits are the best candidate. Pigs also have a similar warm and gentle personality as Goats. They attract and support each other. Goats and Oxen are both very stubborn. Neither is willing to take a step back and will have a difficult relationship.

Goats also have little similar interests with Dogs. Goats love helping and taking care of others. Therefore, careers in the service industry would be a good fit. They are suitable as nurses, caretakers and other related jobs. They will take care of every small detail and put their entire heart into it. Because they are intelligent and sensitive, Goats are also fit for the arts. They never lack creative inspiration. It also provides a more stable environment, which Goats need. In it, they can feel safe and secure.

Other routine and steady careers include typists and teachers. This allows Goats to concentrate on performing the tasks well. The high intensity will throw them into confusion and anxiety.

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  6. Goats should also remember to interact with everyone in the team, rather than just a select few. Goats are not the healthiest of zodiac animals.